Saturday, 30 May 2009

My dream boat!

OK so I am back updating this site again. At last I have got my own yacht and am preparing her for voyages to places yet unkown near and far! She is an ENDURANCE 35 a Peter Ibold design(French designer) built in Perth in Australia 1988 and made out of GRP.

The Endurance design is a blue water boat with a long full keel and a heavy displacement which makes her a comfortable and safe ocean crusing boat. She has a roomy pilothouse which is light and airy and provides a safe haven away from the elements yet affords good viewing from below. She sleeps 7 comfortably and has loads of storage space.

I have lots to do to her to prepare her for long distance cruising which includes installing a hot water system with shower, 240V inverter, 2000kw generator and solar panels as well as an Aries windvane.

I already have a kerosene heater to install and, as the stove is kerosene fuelled I will have no need to carry dangerous gas aboard.

The engine is a 50hp Dart Rees BMW diesel with low hours. This is above average power for a vessel this size which I like as it gives me comfort to know that there is always a little extra uuumph for when that lee shore is looking a little too close!! Or for struggling against strong currents like I experienced in Indonesia where we had 8 knot tidal flows.

I plan to liveaboard her very soon and ultimately go cruising. HAPPY SAILING!

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